Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Okay, It Could Be Worse

Last night I ran through several of my favorite blogs in an attempt to catch up from my lack of Internet service while I was out of town. I was planning to spend a lot of time complaining about how far behind I am at work now, when I spent the entire weekend essentially working, but then I read posts by MLL and Sock Girl about their difficulties at work. I am thankful that, while I am overwhelmed right now, I'm fortunate to enjoy my work and the team I work with here at All-American High.

So, a short whine will have to suffice for today. Since I have not yet mastered the ability to clone myself, none of the work that I would normally have done during the four work days I was chaperoning the pom squad has been done. I came back to 253 emails and several other "this must be done now" issues. I've got evaluation deadlines looming. I also have a meeting tonight that will likely last for quite a while and is about the last place I want to be spending my evening right now. Oh, well. This too shall pass!


Alto2 said...

Tell Adventure Guy you MUST have a laptop so you can keep up with blog-reading (and posting) when you travel). ;-) Glad you're back and hope you clear through that backlog quickly.

LSM said...

I have a lovely laptop that I'm pretty addicted to, but I was unwilling to pay the $9.95 per day the hotel charged for Internet access. I did shell out for it once and also checked my email on free Wi-Fi at the airport, but I was having serious withdrawal otherwise. I just couldn't justify charging the school for access over the weekend.