Thursday, February 8, 2007


Right now everything seems overwhelming. I am swamped at work and feel like I am not getting things that should be done completed. I need several more hours in the day to catch up from being out of the office. And, of course, today was the day that I had to show up at a meeting that started at noon and ended at 5:30. I so needed to be in the office but couldn't duck out of this commitment.

At least this weekend we have some fun things planned. Tomorrow night Adventure Guy and I are going to a benefit for the opera guild. I'm looking forward to it because we're sharing a table with a number of my friends and their husbands. Saturday we have a baby shower for Gym Girl's coach, and then she and I are headed out of town for her meet on Sunday morning. I'm looking forward to spending some one on one time with Gym Girl. Sometimes she gets a bit lost in the mix. I hate it that we fall into that "middle child" family dynamics stereotype, but I know we do at times.

I wish I felt a little more inspired on the posting front, but this is all I have for today. Wish me luck in catching up tomorrow!

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