Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Hunters

Okay, I'll admit it. I'm a W. E. B. Griffin fan. It's hard to explain why since the political views expressed in his novels are so often contrary to my own, but I fell in love with his characters in the Brotherhood of War series back when Adventure Guy introduced me to Griffin's books in college. No other series he's written caught my attention like that one did, though, until this Presidential Agent series. Adventure Guy was literally stalking this book after seeing it in an airport bookstore mistakenly out for sale prior to it's release date. He didn't realize it was out early and figured he could wait and buy it when he got home. But no, he had to wait for the January 2nd release date when he bought and devoured it before passing it on to me.

Here's the Library Journal review:

"This third entry in Griffin's exciting and timely "Presidential Agent" series begins literally minutes after the end of the previous novel, The Hostage, and again features the irreverent but highly capable Charley Castillo and all the other ensemble characters. The plot here focuses on the UN "oil for food" scandal and the murderers who will stop at nothing to protect themselves and their own national interests. Castillo is so busy chasing the bad guys that he almost forgets his girlfriend, who's recuperating in a hospital. Oops. Exhibiting a thorough knowledge of how the government and the military work (or don't work) and a detailed knowledge of multitudes of weapons systems, Griffin offers another novel that is fast-paced, exciting, and great fun to read."

Charley Castillo is an intriguing character, and The Hunters is a fun read if you enjoy spy/military novels. What I miss from The Brotherhood of War series, though, is well-developed, interesting female characters. In the second book of the series, The Hostage, Charley became involved with Philadelphia police officer turned secret service agent, Betty Schneider. She had a large role in the novel, similar to the wives of the officers in the Brotherhood of War series. I was looking forward to the development of their relationship in this third book. No such luck. She is mentioned only tangentially, primarily in Castillo's continual neglect to calling her while she is in the hospital recovering from wounds suffered during the end of book two. Not good, and Betty promptly dumps him about three quarters through the novel. My hope is that Charley gets his act together for book four!

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