Monday, December 11, 2006

Time Flies

This weekend was busy, though it didn't have that feel over all, which was nice. So often I feel like I haven't really had a break over the weekend because of various sporting events and other commitments.

I've already written about some of Friday night's events. After the football game, Adventure Guy and I went out to grab something to eat and a quick drink and met up with my in-laws and Gym Girl who were returning from the gymnastics meet. Gym Girl placed 3rd all around and was 1st on beam, 2nd on bars, and 3rd on floor. We are very proud!

Saturday morning was nice because we didn't have to be anywhere until 10:00 a.m. Adventure Guy was nice enough to volunteer to take Swim Chick to her Odyssey of the Mind meeting and then take Soccer Boy to his indoor game. I met up with them at the game and then headed to Super Suppers to make some meals for my friend who is going through chemo. While I was there I made six meals for my family as well. If you haven't tried one, I highly recommend these places where you go in and prepare a series of meals all at once to freeze. It's so nice to know that dinner is only a couple of side dishes away after work. It's cut down significantly on our fast food eating since I started doing this. Pass Your Plate and The Dinner Market are two other franchises that are very similar.

Saturday night we had our Sunday School class Christmas party. We have a great group of people in our class. People I enjoy being with outside of church as well as seeing on Sundays. This party was the family party so the hosts had a houseful of kids as well. We ate lots of yummy appetizers and desserts and had our annual ornament exchange. We called it a night early since lots of the group has young kids. Then Adventure Guy headed out to see Apocalypto, which I didn't have much interest in, and I watched Failure to Launch on DVD from Netflix. Adventure Guy reports that Apocalypto was much more of a classic chase film than an exploration of why the Mayan civilization went into decline. I think he was a bit disappointed in it. Failure to Launch on the other hand was exactly what I had expected. It was fluff and something that I'm glad I didn't pay money to see in a theater, but it was entertaining.

Yesterday after church Adventure Guy helped Swim Chick with a social studies project (building a 3-D contour map of our state), while I went to work at the All-American High vocal music department's holiday home tour. I was a greeter for an hour and then got to tour the homes. They always have beautiful homes, beautifully decorated, so I enjoy volunteering each year. When I got home, Swim Chick and I ran errands while Adventure Guy, Gym Girl, and Soccer Boy headed off on their own set of errands. I tried to buy Adventure Guy's Christmas present, but it was unavailable at the store, so I ended up buying it online. I will not say what it is because I know he reads my posts here!

Last night, Adventure Guy set up the fruits of his errand running, a new air hockey table for the game room. It's a present from his dad to the kids for Christmas. A few years ago we decided one big shared gift was much more fun than a lot of little gifts to each of them. They are quite excited about this one. After that, we watched the finale of The Amazing Race. I was rooting for Alabama, the single mother team, so I was a bit disappointed with the results, but it's a fun series and one that our whole family can enjoy together.

So, that's about it for our "relaxing" weekend. Oh, and we did get all the laundry done in there somewhere along the way! This week, I have meetings Monday and Wednesday nights, Swim Chick has a swim party tonight and an orchestra concert tomorrow night, and Gym Girl has practice every day and a special "cartwheel-a-thon" for my friend with cancer (who is also a gymnastics coach) on Tuesday. When we were going over the schedules for this week, Soccer Boy said, "Well, I have school every day." I should add to my previous post that I am also thankful that there is no soccer practice during indoor season!

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Alto2 said...

We are hooked on The Amazing Race here in The Zone. I wasn't surprised that the boys won, although I was hoping 'Bama would make a better showing. They are tough women. I really can't stand Rob and Kim. He's a complete jerk. I understand TAR All-Stars is coming up in Feb. 2007.