Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Two Days Down

I'm proud to report that two days in to my new program I am doing well. I don't think I mentioned in my last post that I am also counting Weight Watchers points while I'm making the Phase Two Best Life changes. I've found Weight Watchers to be the best fit for me overall as far as portion control. Best Life just helps me with being healthier overall. So far, the biggest challenge I'm running into is the "no soda" rule. I drink too much caffeine, but I don't drink coffee, so eliminating soda completely led to a caffeine withdrawal headache. I decided to aim for only one soda per day and then hopefully cut it out all together.

With no sleep-away camps remaining for the rest of the summer, I've scheduled the next few weeks with a lighter workload so I can be home more with the kids. I worked today, and I'll work Thursday, but I was home Monday and will be tomorrow and Friday as well. It's been nice to have some down time with the kids home. Of course, I can't resist taking on some household things while I'm off. I need to clean out my closet and get that organized and then take on the girls' dressers and the game room. Fun, fun, fun!

I have worked in some real fun while I have a more relaxed schedule. I finished Dedication and am well on my way through the Stephanie Plum novel (more on those later). I also had a facial on Monday, and I've worked out both days this week: elliptical machine Monday and Pilates tonight. I also made a run to our local produce store to pick up fresh corn and some other goodies. We'll be grilling that tomorrow night along with some chicken. I'm hungry already!

My entries lately seem a bit mundane when I look over them. I hope people aren't bored to tears. But I'm enjoying a bit of the lazy days of summer and the opportunity to focus more on myself and my family.

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