Thursday, July 26, 2007

Trials and Transitions

I am deep into the "transition" phase for my new job. Except, that right now, that means I'm trying to do everything in both jobs, but I don't officially leave the old one and start the new one until August 1st. I'm also dealing with spotty childcare right now since I was not planning on working a lot these last couple of weeks of July (based on my old work requirements). While theoretically, those requirements are still in place, I'm getting invited to a lot of meetings that are related to my new job, and it's very hard to say "no."

I am mostly taking the day off tomorrow, though I do have to go in and do an interview. We're in the last-minute hiring phase, and I don't want to miss the opportunity to nab this candidate if she's as good in person as she is on paper. She has an offer from another district, but I caught her before she'd accepted, and she says she'd prefer to come to work at All-American High. So, I'll go in tomorrow and interview her, even if that means going in for a while on my day off. I'm also planning to go in some on the weekend to finish packing and clearing out while I won't be disturbed.

On the home front, Swim Chick and Gym Girl are now in my hometown, visiting with their grandparents. I met my parents half-way last night, and my mom will bring them home either Sunday or Monday. I think I'm going to lobby for Sunday so that my mom can help with the above-mentioned childcare dilemma for Monday. That means, though, that I should do more in the game room than I had planned to do on Saturday. That, or I should just buck up and admit it's a pit, and not let it bother me. We'll see. The problem is that we have far, far, too much junk that's collected over the years of conspicuous toy consumption, both on our part and on the grandparents' parts. Theoretically, I really want to do a major cleanout of that area and our study. The problem is, I really, really want someone else to do it. Since that is unlikely, I'll have to figure out a time I'm willing to put aside all the fun things I'd rather be doing like hanging out at the pool, scrapbooking, reading, blogging, sleeping...the list goes on.

I am looking forward to tomorrow night, though. Adventure Guy and I are going out to dinner at Flemings with a friend of his from work and his wife. I have dutifully calculated the obscene amount of Weight Watchers points I will need to cover this meal and have worked it into my weekly total. I'm trying to decide if the fried onion strings are worth breaking one of the Best Life rules for--I've done very well so far with the "no fried food rule," so I'm not sure. I've been pleased with what I'm seeing on the scale this week, and I want to hold out for a good weigh-in on Monday. (Yes, I know, I'm only supposed to be weighing-in once per week. That isn't going to happen!)

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