Monday, July 23, 2007

Deathly Hallows, Parties, and Dieting, Oh My!

It was a fun-filled weekend in Suburbia. On Friday night Swim Chick and Soccer Boy both had sleepovers here while Gym Girl went to sleepover at a friend's house. I decided to take the easy route for dinner and ordered pizza for the group at our house. I am proud to report that I was able to work a couple of pieces into my points for the week, though I did violate the "no white flour" portion of the Best Life rules.

Once we'd finished dinner, Adventure Guy took Swim Chick and her friend to one of our local Border's for the Harry Potter party. Evidently it was quiet the place to see and be seen for the local middle-school set. The girls had a great time taking in all the excitement, and then, shortly before midnight, they set off for Wal-Mart where they purchased our three copies of the book. Adventure Guy was glad he had the girls with him because, while Wal-Mart wasn't requiring pre-purchase, they were limiting the books to one-per-customer. And, yes, we bought three copies. As I've said to many people who wondered about that, I've spent $18 on lots of things I didn't get as much enjoyment out of--Adventure Guy and I weren't willing to share, and we decided that Swim Chick ought to have her own copy as well, having shared with us the last time around. We could have lived with two copies, but now that Adventure Guy and I have both finished, we've loaned our copies out, so I feel we're doing a good deed. I'll write more about my thoughts on the book once a few more people have had the chance to finish it.

Saturday we had a lazy morning and a great afternoon at the pool. It was fun to relax and spend some time outside without risk of rain! The water is perfect right now, and we all enjoyed visiting my with my inlaws. That evening I ran to the store to prepare for the second big party of the weekend, my mother-in-law's birthday, which we were hosting the next day.

Adventure Guy grilled his beer can chicken again for the crowd. I made side dishes, cheesy potatoes and baked beans, and we bought rolls from our favorite artisan bread store. Adventure Guy's step-dad took care of the cake, and my sister-in-law brought salad. Everyone thanked Adventure Guy again and again for "cooking." Anyone want to explain how seasoning two chickens and putting them on a grill is immensely more difficult in society's eyes than making all the rest of the food?

Other than the party, which lasted from about 3:30-5:30, Sunday was all Harry Potter, all the time. Adventure Guy and I both finished, though he is still bitter that, even though he had a head start on the book, I finished before he did. There are not many things that majoring in history and English in college guarantees, but reading speed is one of them. It's impossible to do that much reading and not get pretty fast at it.

With all the eating and sedentary activity (read, lying around with a book in front of my face) that made up the weekend, I am pleased to report that I am down 1.5 lbs. for the first week of dedication to diet and exercise. Since I knew that the party was coming, I was extra careful with my flex points this week, and finished with a few points to spare. When I count points and exercise, I tend to lose .5-1.o pounds per week, so I'm expecting that it will take me 15-20 weeks to get to goal. That seems like a long haul, and I know that will take me right into the holidays, so I am intent on getting there and not "slipping" like I did last year around the same time. One thing I had confirmed for me this week, is that I am a much better at getting my exercise in if I do it in the morning rather than waiting until after work. Not only is it easier to come up with excuses later, but I the workout seemed so much harder the day I went in the afternoon. So, bright and early again tomorrow, I'll be hitting the gym.

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