Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Other things may change us, but we start and end with family. ~Anthony Brandt

When I googled "family" today, the quote above stood out. After my rather whiny post yesterday, I am pleased to report that today was a vast improvement, both on the home and work fronts. My evaluations are complete and dutifully turned in; I was able to make progress on several smaller projects that had been shoved aside by that looming deadline, and we went out for a nice family dinner during which we spoke civilly to one another and actually spent quite some time laughing together. All is right in Suburbia.

Except for my Dish Network DVR timers. Yesterday I noticed that the timers were off by an hour even though the guide had updated to reflect daylight savings time. I diligently corrected all my timers so I wouldn't miss anything. Tonight, however, I find that Dish Network has evidently done some kind of fix, and rather than being one hour off, my timers are all now two hours earlier than they should be. Once again, I went through all the timers and reset them. All I'm saying is that I better not miss anymore crucial programming. Fortunately, House was not on tonight since American Idol is running two hours right now. People laughed when Adventure Guy gave me the DVR for my birthday a couple of years ago. They thought it was a typical "husband buying wife something he really wants" gift. Nope. DVR has changed my life, although I probably watch more useless television because of it. I love watching what I want to when I want to watch it. I, however, do not love it when glitches like yesterday make my technology malfunction. I'm spoiled!

Speaking of spoiled, I'm feeling a little neglected by the lack of comments to my recent posts. Where is everyone? If you stop by and are not a regular reader, drop me a comment so I know how you found my blog and what you think. Now that I've stooped to begging for comments, I'll sign off and venture out to post some comments of my own!


Simone said...

Hi LSM! I dutifully read all the august mum blogs every day, but I don't often leave a message ... But seeing as you're feeling neglected I thought I better drop a quick "hello"!

Take care,

Rambling Mom said...

You know I read and love you.

tanya said...

DVR=heaven. Strange about the timers being off. I have Dish TV as well and didn't have that problem. Maybe they fixed it by the time PST came around. :-)


Sock Girl said...

Hi from Sock Girl! I'm a regular reader!