Monday, February 12, 2007

Life is.....Busy

I'd like to be able to wear one of those "life is good" t-shirts. Well, not really, because I think they're rather silly looking, but it would be nice to truly believe the sentiment again some time soon. The month since our unexpected 5 days off due to the ice storm has felt like a non-stop stress fest for me. My desk looks like it was a tornado that went through the area rather than a winter storm, and I have deadlines looming on all fronts. And let's just say, I am not making creative, pre-planned Valentine's like the excellent ones created over at The Testosterone Zone. Here in Suburbia we usually make iced sugar cookies for Valentine's Day (as well as Christmas and Halloween), and I have broken the news to the kids that there is no way that's happening by Wednesday around here. Let the guilt officially begin!

Part of what is keeping me extra busy right now at work is preparation for the upcoming National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP) convention. The All-American High School administrative team is presenting at the conference, and we're in full prep mode. We leave for the conference a week from Thursday, so we're down to the last-minute details, but lots of hours have gone into the whole process. We'll be doing a run through for some of the other district administrators on Wednesday, so we're working to pull all the loose ends together for that. While we're on the topic, did I mention that this convention is in Las Vegas? Does this strike anyone else as odd? I can just hear the planners now, "You know, those secondary school principals really know how to party. We should have this convention in Vegas, Baby!"

Okay, I am obviously tired, so I am signing off for today. A better attitude and a longer post are hopefully in store for tomorrow.

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Alto2 said...

Those secondary schools administrators know "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas." Party on, dudette!! Good luck on the prep and conference. No worries about those Valentines ... you work FT. I have no life.