Sunday, February 11, 2007

I'm back home after our trip out of town for Gym Girl's most recent meet. The judging was tough; this meet always brings in nationals-level judges, but she did well, even placing first on balance beam with a 9.65. I was proud of her. She was disappointed with her floor score, and may I just say, she was robbed, but that's the nature of competing in a sport that is judged. Swim Chick's meets are much easier in that way. It's not difficult to tell who touches the wall first. Gym Girl is also in a tough division because she is right on pace age-wise for her level of gymnastics. That means there are more girls and more competition for her than if she was a bit younger or a bit older.

On our way home from the meet, we met the rest of the family at an open house that a realtor and friend of the family was hosting. My grandfather was a realtor, and I think there must be a bit of that in my blood. I love looking at houses and have a good memory for floor plans and other details. We're not seriously in the market, but I'm always keeping an eye out for a good fit for us. We love our house and floor plan, but we'd like more yard. The house today was on a great lot and in a neighborhood we like, but the floor plan wasn't workable for us. While we were there we looked at another house that was open. The floor plan was much better, but it's overpriced and the lot isn't as nice. So, I guess the unofficial search continues.

Tonight we had some friends and my in-laws over for dinner. Adventure Guy did some beer can chickens on the grill. We served them with rice, broccoli, and pan rolls, and my friend brought brownies for dessert. Even better, Adventure Guy served up his famous Red Bull martinis. I am finishing mine right now, and feeling quite relaxed heading into the week!

I'm also catching up on my tv viewing from last week while Adventure Guy is watching the Grammys. He is psyched about the Police reunion. Having never particularly cared for them, I am less than psyched. I'll admit I'm hooked on Ugly Betty. I didn't expect to like it, but it's really appealing. My other favorites right now are Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Brothers and Sisters, House, and What Not To Wear. Now that I seem really shallow, I'll point out that I also recorded the recent Supreme Court series on PBS. I'm sure I'll get to it soon! Does anyone out there have any other recommendations for me and my DVR?

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Her Bad Mother said...

Oh, dude, I am SO MUCH shallower when it comes to TV. Anything with something approximating a plot! And, sometimes, not!

RIght now I'm devoted to Lost and Heroes. And Ugly Betty.