Monday, January 8, 2007


Warning, perfunctory post to follow. I'm having a blah day. I'm not feeling that great, and I'm not all that excited about the beginning of a new work week. I need to snap out of my post-holiday funk.

I did get most of my Christmas decorations packed up and put away yesterday. Why does it always seem to take so much longer to put them away than to set them up? I'm sure it's related to the anticipation of the holiday during the setup process. Also, I had lots of help from the kids in setting things up but not a single volunteer for the undecorating process. Imagine that. Anyway, I'm down to the kids' artificial tree in the game room and the very tip top of our main tree in the living room needing to be taken care of. I decided to wait on our main tree until Adventure Guy returned home so that I wasn't dealing with the ladder on my own and twice rather than once. Now he just needs to take down the ornaments I couldn't reach, the ribbon, and the lights plus haul out the tree. I'm going to make the kids take all the things off their tree and put them away, so I should just have the tree disassembly upstairs and cleanup downstairs to finish.

Gee....a whole paragraph on putting away Christmas decorations. I bet my readers are truly excited now! But, speaking of Adventure Guy, I am very proud of his accomplishment this weekend in the Disney races. He did the half marathon on Saturday in 2 hours 10 minutes and the marathon on Sunday in 4 hours 50 minutes. His goal was to finish the half in 2. 5 hours and the full in 5 hours, so he exceeded those goals. He is now the proud owner of the Donald, Mickey, and, most importantly, Goofy medals. His marathon time was slower than usual, but I suppose to be expected after running the half marathon the day before. Again, this is something I will never know from personal experience!

I've had too much stuff going on the last several nights. I think that's contributing to the blah feeling. Thursday night I had a training event for Junior League which was followed by a Junior League Board retreat on Friday night that lasted way too long. Saturday I went to a wedding for one of my former students, which was fun but made me feel old. Tonight I'm chairing my Junior League committee meeting. Tomorrow night I'm on duty for All-American High's basketball games (girls at 6:30, boys at 8:00), and Wednesday night we have our first parent meeting for Swim Chick's confirmation class. So, by Thursday I'll actually get to do what I'd like to do right now, which is go home, put on my comfy flannel pajamas, have a decent meal with my family, and relax.

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