Wednesday, January 31, 2007

31 in 31

Welcome to post number 31 for January. I didn't set out to blog every day this month, and I actually didn't. I can thank two two-post days for bringing me to this total. Now that I've been at it for two months, I can honestly say that I'm surprised at how much I've enjoyed blogging as well as how much I actually have to say. That was one of my worries when I started. At times I worry that this blog is a bit schizophrenic with no clear focus on either family or work life, but I think it accurately reflects my life.

Tonight I'm getting ready to leave for a trip to Florida where I'll help supervise our pom squad as they compete at nationals. I'm looking forward to it, though it's always hard to be away from the office. Spending time with students on trips like this allows me to get to know them in ways that I wouldn't if I just interacted with them at school. I'm not sure exactly what availability I'll have to blog either time wise or Internet access wise while I'm gone, so don't worry if I don't post for a bit.

I write that as if I'm sure I'll be heading out tomorrow. At about noon today, it started snowing. I'm hoping the accumulation stays light and that it remains snow rather than turning to more of the ice we got earlier this month. The airport should be able to handle a bit of snow. Everyone at school is in a bit of panic mode hoping that we won't have another snow day since we're already going to have to make up a number of days this year. The teachers are particularly motivated since we're going to use some of our professional days to make up student days this spring prior to state-mandated tests and AP tests, meaning that it's the teachers who'll be attending after Memorial Day this year to make up those professional days and the one we missed the week of the ice storm. I'm just thinking good thoughts. It's not snowing much now, so I have hope.

In the midst of all the preparations for leaving town until Tuesday, I've been reading one of the fluffier novels I use as an escape mechanism. You May Now Kill the Bride is the 5th novel in Doborah Donnelly's Wedding Planner mysteries. Carnegie Kincaid, the main character, is a wedding planner based in Seattle. Warning to any brides who hire her, corpses tend to show up when she's around! There's an ongoing story line between the novels that follows Carnegie's own life and her relationships with family, friends, and boyfriends. Again, not great literature by any means, but a fun, fast, distracting read!

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