Friday, December 22, 2006


Today is officially a good day. The first day of vacation! I am currently snuggled into my bed with my electric blanket after having slept in until 8:30. No alarms today unless you count Soccer Boy who normally wakes up and turns on the cartoons himself but had trouble with the satellite this morning. I had trouble with it too when I went out to help him, so he is now happily watching King Kong on DVD. I'll have to get Adventure Guy to take a look at the satellite when he gets home. I have turned on the one in our room, so I've at least determined that it's a problem with the family room unit and not with the satellite in general.

In a few minutes I guess I'll get motivated enough to get moving for the day. I need to do some touch up cleaning to get the house ready for tonight when we have company for dinner. I want to finish that up before I pick up Swim Chick from her sleepover. We'll probably drop by Best Friend's house after that as she lives near Swim Chick's friend. Best Friend is the proud mom of 3 year-old twins and a toddler who will be two on January 1st. She's mourning the Christmas preschool break right now and will need some distraction. Did I mention she's pregnant and due in May?

Swim Chick also wants to go get Adventure Guy's present from the kids today. They've been saving their allowance money for gifts. He took them to get gifts for me and for one another last week, but I haven't had a chance to get away and take them to buy his until today. I'm hoping today will be the last time I have to brave any stores until after Christmas. Gym Girl's bike arrived yesterday, so we are very relieved. Adventure Guy is picking it up today and storing it at his mom's until Christmas Eve. Once those two gifts are taken care of, I think we're officially ready for Christmas other than wrapping just a couple of things and baking those Christmas cookies I keep procrastinating about!

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Alto2 said...

Ah, the Queen of All Things Creative decorated a beautiful tree. Glad to hear everything is falling into place for a wonderful Christmas.