Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Countdown

I can't believe how close it is to Christmas. I'm feeling pretty good about my preparations, though I still have several things to do. I have done most of my shopping, though, and everything that's been bought is now wrapped. Either Adventure Guy or I still need to pick up a couple of additional things for Soccer Boy. He hasn't been very specific about what he'd like this year. But my biggest gift worry right now is that Gym Girl's new bike that we ordered weeks ago is still not in. I'm keeping my fingers crossed it will arrive soon.

Tomorrow is my last day at work until January 4th. Unfortunately, I still have quite a bit to do to finish up a couple of projects that must be completed prior to the end of the semester. I'd like to think it will be a short day, but I have a feeling it won't be.

Once I'm finished at work, I'll do some grocery shopping and work on getting the house in shape. I'm hosting a get together for the two teachers who are visiting our school this semester from Chengdu, China, their hosts, and one of our teachers and her husband on Friday. The teacher and I have just learned that we will be coordinating and chaperoning the three-week trip that our students will take to China in March of 2008. This is all part of an exchange program that's been going on for the last four years. In the fall, 12 Chinese students and two teachers arrive at our school. The students are paired with the 12 All-American High students who will travel to China in the spring. The Chinese students stay for 3 weeks, while the teachers spend the entire semester. I can't wait to go to China! My family has hosted one of the Chinese teachers for a month during each of the years of the exchange. My trip there will be an opportunity to reunite with these friends that I've made and experience their lives as they experienced mine.

Another thing I'll do Friday is make Christmas cookies with the kids. I'm running later on that this year than usual. Our Sunday School class also is responsible for providing some of the goodies between services on Christmas Eve, so I'll do some baking for that at the same time. Saturday Soccer Boy has an indoor league game, and we're also having a family portrait made with Adventure Guy's extended family. I also made reservations for Adventure Guy and me to get away for a nice dinner on Saturday night. I'm looking forward to relaxing a bit before the holiday hits full-swing on Christmas Eve!


Rambling Mom said...

China, how exciting. I can't wait for you to go to China.

Alto2 said...

What? The Queen of All Things Creative has not made her Christmas cookies? I am shocked, just shocked! How can you possibly have neglected your children so. Martha would be horrified.

Seriously, enjoy the time off and have a glorious Christmas.