Tuesday, August 14, 2007

There's A Distinct Possiblity I Have Sunk To A New Low

I just finished reading all the blogs on my links while sitting in the bathtub. I know this is wrong on many levels, but I just couldn't help myself. Does it count that I balanced the computer on the edge of the tub rather than actually holding it over the water? Somehow I'm guessing the folks in IT won't think so. And Adventure Guy would definitely point out that I had crossed the line, that is if he were here to comment!

Usually I have the opportunity to check in to the goings on in the blogosphere during lunch, but with my new job that hasn't been happening. Evenings usually work well, too, but tonight I didn't get home until around 8:00, and then I was doing battle with rampaging ants and falling shower curtains, not to mention dinner preparation.

And, did I mention, my feet were in serious need of soaking? In fact, that's what lured me onto this dangerous path in the first place. I figured, I could just stick my feet in the tub while it filled and do some surfing at the same time. But, of course, I wasn't finished reading when it was time to hop in that beckoning warm, sudsy water. The really scary part is nothing bad happened. No morality tale to keep me from risking water damage in the future. But really, I'm going to reform. I will; I will!

Today was "meet the teacher day" at all our elementary sites in All-American Public Schools. We start school on Thursday. I needed to take both Gym Girl and Soccer Boy to meet their respective teachers, and, in Gym Girl's case, to buy school supplies, pay innumerable other school fees, and decorate her locker. I also wanted to make appearances at the three other sites, particularly in the buildings that were remodeled over the summer. The teaches there have worked tirelessly to get their rooms ready, and I wanted them to know I'd noticed.

So, I left the office at 2:30, went home to pick up my kids, and headed to Soccer Boy's class. Fortunately, we were able to do most of the paperwork and all of the fee paying on Saturday, so all we had to do was deliver his supplies to his classroom, meet his teacher (who was also Swim Chick's 3rd grade teacher), and fill out a bit more paperwork. Swim Chick and Gym Girl visited a few of their old teachers while Soccer Boy and I were in his classroom, and then I dropped Gym Girl off at practice and the other kids back at home. I then spent about 45 minutes at one elementary site that did not have any construction projects before going to one of the intermediate schools and the elementary site with the most extensive renovations. While it was fun to see the classrooms all complete and the happy kids ready for school to start, it was draining walking between the two sites, in heels, with the temperature reaching around 105 degrees.

After a conversation with the principal at the elementary school about her burgeoning class sizes (new developments are going in around her attendance zone, and it's hard to determine exact numbers until everyone actually shows up), I picked Gym Girl up from practice and went to her intermediate school, where I filled out forms and wrote checks in seemingly unending fashion. Much poorer, but with supplies in hand, we went to meet her new teachers. She'll have two teachers this year in a teamed situation. I know one of them well and just met the other, but both have excellent reputations.

Did I mention that all of the above events were the good part of my day? I called from the car to tell Swim Chick to defrost the hamburger meat for the tacos I had planned for dinner. She got the microwave started, and I told her I'd be right home. Do you think this would have been a good time to mention that ants had invaded our pantry? I'm thinking yes, but Swim Chick was evidently thinking no. I arrived; she and Soccer Boy pointed out the ants (they're looking everywhere to get out of this heat), and I spent about twenty minutes clearing things out and killing ants. During this time, I asked Soccer Boy to put his comforter that I had washed over his shower rod since the comforter was a bit damp still. Of course, he managed to pull the entire rod down in the process. I did get it fixed, only to return downstairs to be informed by Swim Chick that she had gotten nail polish on the table runner in the kitchen. Serves me right, I guess, for still having the 4th of July decorations out.

So, can you see why I was driven to escapism in the form of both bubble bath and blog reading? Calgon, take me away!


BunnyBubblette said...

Hey, I think surfing the web from the bathtub is a GREAT idea! I might just try it myself later on this afternoon. My only concern would be risk of electrocution, but if it's not plugged in and you're running on battery power, then that's not an issue. There is still the risk of ruining your laptop, but that's a reasonable risk to take.

Squib said...

Yeah I think surfing the web in the bathtub sounds great. What we need is to create a new piece of furniture to handle this idea so the laptops doesn't risk getting wet.....maybe something like those old TV trays tables, but shorter.

LSM said...

I was definitely using battery power only, so no risk of electrocution, just of damaging my work-issued laptop!

Christina said...

Hah! I don't think you are crazy at ALL (at least not for the reading blogs in the bath tub thing) ;->>

Hey Squib - go with it! Think of something! There's a market for it out there for SURE!