Saturday, June 16, 2007

Lazy Days

Yesterday and today I have been enjoying a couple of days off. Yesterday was my first day off since the end of school that I spent at home. I grabbed a few quick days at the first of the month and visited my parents, but Friday brought the first opportunity to sleep late in my own bed, and then get up and wonder, "hmm...what am I going to do today?" It was heavenly.

I ran a few errands on Friday morning and then met for lunch with the teacher who will be going to China with me in March. Our task for the day was matching our students with the students who are coming from China. We have profiles from each of the Chinese students, and we worked to pair them with students we think they'll match up well with personality-wise. Each step we take on this journey takes us a bit closer to the reality of the students' arrival in September. We can't wait to meet everyone. I've been emailing one of the teachers, and our students will begin emailing their partners now, so it will seem like they already know each other by the time the kids arrive.

Friday night Adventure Guy and I went out to dinner. While we were waiting for our table, we wandered in to a furniture store and found the family room furniture we've been looking for--on sale! I've been campaigning to replace our sorely worn set for a while now. Ten years of kids and dogs has done in the old stuff, though it held up well considering what we put it through. We'd been looking for a while but not finding exactly what we wanted. Adventure Guy has a good eye for decorating, better than mine really, and he immediately liked this couch. It's a sectional that curves into almost a semi-circle. It has nice leather piping trim, so we matched it with some leather chairs. They delivered it today, and I'm really excited about our new look in that room. Of course, I'm sure that this will likely start an updating trend for us. We need to paint and replace some of our carpet. We're also looking at updating the kitchen countertops. Decisions, decisions!

Today I made it to yoga class. My intention was to go to Pilates, but the instructor had a last-minute family crisis and all the other Pilates people were in a training seminar. So, yoga it was. It was a good class, and I enjoyed it. I can tell I haven't done a lot of those moves recently, though. I'm feeling it a bit this afternoon. After I got back from the gym Adventure Guy and I went to lunch and then ran a few more errands before meeting the furniture delivery guys. I worked on my scrapbooking (yes, I'm actually catching up), and now we're about to meet my inlaws for dinner.

Tomorrow, all we've got on the schedule is church and Sunday school, so it should continue to be a pretty laid back weekend. Unfortunately for Adventure Guy, the camp schedule means he doesn't have the kids at home for Father's Day. I'm getting him the smoker he's asked for, but his day should be pretty uneventful for the most part.

I'm also still waiting for the results of the ultrasound I had done last Thursday. Hopefully I'll have the report on Monday. At this point, I'm just trying not to worry too much about it and working on enjoying the weekend.

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