Saturday, May 26, 2007

There is a God And Other Weekend Ramblings

Today I entered the mall (on Saturday after finding a convenient parking space), walked into Macy's, saw the swimsuit in the picture, thought, "hmm, that's cute, and I really need a new suit," tried it on and bought it. No endless trying of suits that were not flattering, no agonizing about how the fluorescent lighting inevitably highlights both the paleness of my skin and the cellulite of my thighs. It's a miracle. I've needed a new one piece for a while and haven't found one I liked, and now I'm all set for the summer. Well, I'll be all set if I can bring myself to get back into the gym more regularly so that the two-piece that I have and do like is also an option! But, pay no attention to that. I look exactly like the model does in the picture. I promise!

I didn't actually set out to go swimsuit shopping today. Gym Girl had talked me into taking her to the mall to get her friend a gift from Limited Too, mecca of pre-teen shopping. This week has been birthday central. Soccer Boy and Gym Girl both had slumber parties to attend last night. Swim Chick went to a 13th birthday luau today, and Gym Girl has a party at the rock climbing gym to attend next Wednesday. Thank goodness for Webkinz, both popular and relatively inexpensive. I successfully hunted down two for Soccer Boy and Gym Girl's Friday parties.

Tonight we are concluding Adventure Guy's birthday celebrations with a trip out to dinner with friends. I'm looking forward to a nice, relaxing dinner. It's been a while since we've gotten out on our own. I don't think we'll make it to a movie tonight, but I'm not worried since the countdown to camp and 25 days without children is well underway. We'll have plenty of time to catch up on things like movies then. In fact, our major task for the weekend is getting everything labeled and packed for camp and picking up anything that the kids still need. Fortunately, we've been working on that for a while, so we're pretty close to finished with shopping.

Oh, and I also got a new phone today. I'm now busily trying to figure out all the bells and whistles, and I got the simplest one I could find! Hopefully, I'm up for the challenge. And, most importantly, I have achieved the status of having a phone that's nicer than my 13 year-old's.

New phone, a swimsuit that fits, and dinner out with Adventure Guy. All's well in Suburbia.

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