Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Best Life Update

Recently someone visited my blog searching for information on The Best Life Diet. I've been woefully remiss in updating on my progress. That could be related to the fact that my progress is woefully remiss as well. I have lost four pounds. I'm not sure it has anything much to do with following The Best Life plan. I have about ten pounds to go to feel good about how I look this summer in shorts and bathing suits.

So, I am vowing to turn over a new leaf and on day two of this week, I'm doing okay. I made it to the gym yesterday morning, and I'm going again tomorrow. I've also decided to start tracking points again on Weight Watchers. That's the system that's worked best for me in the past, so it makes sense to do it again. What I hate is the maintenance phase. Well, I don't love the weight loss phase either, but my real issue seems to be grasping what it takes to stay at the weight I'd like to be year around. I tend to slack off around the holidays and not really get back into it until this time of year. I also hate that I can't eat pretty much whatever I want and stay at a good weight just by exercising like I could when I was younger. Damn that slowing metabolism!

Taking the Best Life topic a bit less literally, here's a few updates on the rest of life in Suburbia.
  • Soccer Boy is now sporting a camo cast on his left arm. His whole class signed it today. He's doing very well with it, and I'm thankful for the new developments in casting technology that allow him to get this one wet. The doctor estimates a month in the cast. It turns out Soccer Boy's wrist is broken in two places, much to everyone's surprise. He's a tough little guy.
  • I spoke to the counselor at Gym Girl's school today about placement for next year. It seems all the math changes are still pretty fluid, and we will chat more during the summer. I am not going to push for having her tested at this point but will if it appears to be needed later.
  • The process for selecting students for the trip to China that I'll be leading next spring has begun. It's wonderful to see the applications and the caliber of student the trip is attracting. We've also received the profiles of the Chinese students who will be coming here in September. Their excitement about visiting the U. S. comes through so clearly in their essays, it's almost palpable.
  • Adventure Guy is running another marathon this weekend, the Flying Pig in Cincinnati. He's well on his way to his goal of running one marathon in each state. So far, he's completed Arkansas, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, and Texas. He wants to have them all completed by his 50th birthday, which is 9 years away. I'm holding out for the Hawaii race!
  • Work is crazy right now. I have so much to do and so little time in which to do it. 18 school days left until 2006-2007 is over at All-American High. So forgive me if I'm a bit slow on updating the blog until the end of May!
  • On June 1st I'll put all three kids on a bus to camp. This will be Swim Chick's 5th year, Gym Girl's 4th year and Soccer Boy's 2nd year to attend Kanakuk, the camp Adventure Guy attended as a kid as well. This is the first year they'll all be going for the full term. Adventure Guy and I will be on our own from June 1st until June 25th. I'm wavering between elation and sadness at the thought! Hopefully, by the time we arrive to pick them up and spend a few days on the lake, I'll be looking good from my Best Life efforts. That's the plan anyway.

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