Sunday, April 22, 2007


After a bit of a reading dry spell, I just finished Jonathan Kellerman's latest, Obsession. Well, I have been reading, because I just can't go without, but I've been pretty limited to magazines recently, having been too distracted by the general pace of life to dig into anything deep. Not that this book would qualify as deep, but it was at least a full-length novel.

When I spotted this latest Alex Delaware novel on the shelf during a recent escape to Border's one evening, I was excited because it's a series I've always enjoyed. Typically, the plots are fast-paced and ensure a bit of escapism. The plot in Obsession revolves around a death-bed confession from the mother of one of child psychologist Dr. Delaware's previous patients. Alex and his friend, police lieutenant Milo Sturgis, unravel a series of clues to discover what the "really bad thing" the mother confessed to was, saving the daughter in the process.

Obsession lacks much of the excitement of the previous novels in this series. I was never really engaged with the characters, and there were no real surprises or plot twists as the mystery unfolded. I've got a stack of books sitting on my night stand, just crying out to be read. While Obsession was a good warm up, I'm looking forward to delving into the others. I'll hope that the next Kellerman novel better lives up to the previous entries in the series.


MLL said...

I'm listening to this book on CD right now. Alex Delaware, the psychologist with a life infinitely more exciting than my own! Do you read Stephen White?

LSM said...

I've never read Stephen White. Is his stuff similar to Kellerman's? And, what, you mean you don't have a fancy modern house in the hills of LA and consult often on police cases but have very little other way to support your lavish lifestyle?