Friday, March 9, 2007

This and That

I wasn't sure where to really go with this post, so I decided on some random musings.
  • I'd give myself a "C" on week one of my Best Life program. I'm supposed to be exercising at least 150 minutes per week. This week I made 80 minutes so far. I'm going to aim for taking a walk tomorrow and getting to a yoga class on Sunday. I didn't do so well on the three meals per day rule since I skipped a couple of meals on Wednesday and Thursday because of my crazy work schedule. I did eat breakfast every day, though, and I have upped my water intake and abided by the "no alcohol" policy.
  • Today Adventure Guy left, appropriately, for an adventure race in Texas. He's running it with some friends, and this is his third or fourth year for this particular race. While I wish him well in his endeavors, I will note that his being gone this afternoon left me with the predicament of needing to be in three different places for three different children at 5:30 p.m. Fortunately, there was a bit of flex in the schedules, so at 4:35 I left work, picked up Soccer Boy, ran to buy a birthday present for Swim Chick's friend, swung by the house to get Swim Chick's outfit for the murder mystery party and a drink for Soccer Boy, dropped Soccer Boy off at his soccer practice (5:30 event #1), picked up Gym Girl from her practice (5:30 event #2), and picked up Swim Chick from Odyssey of the Mind practice (5:30 event #3). In reality, I had Swim Chick picked up by 5:45 and dropped off at the party on time at 6:00, leaving me plenty of time to get back to soccer practice before it ended at 6:30.
  • Not much going on tonight. Gym Girl, Soccer Boy, and I played Scene It; I caught up on some blog reading, cleared up my email, wrapped up some details for my Junior League committee, and talked with one of my friends on the phone. Now I'm watching What Not To Wear, and the woman has a similar figure to mine. I'm taking notes!
  • Lots of stuff going on the rest of the weekend. Swim Chick has to be at her Odyssey of the Mind coach's house by 7:00 a.m. to leave for contest. The rest of us will meet her there around 9:00. Once the competition is over, we'll head to Soccer Boy's game. Tomorrow night I have a 40th birthday party to attend for a friend. Sunday is church and Sunday school. Swim Chick has an extended confirmation class. They are doing the "death and dying" session, complete with a visit to the cemetery. She is fortunate not to have had much experience with death, so it should be interesting to discuss it with her. Then one of my friends is having a Kelly's Kids party, so I'll go check that out even though my kids have outgrown that line of clothes--I still have nieces and nephews to think about. I'll also need to go into work to finish some evals and to enter the course number changes for next year. We completed enrollment for next year today, and next week the volunteers will be in to do the data entry, which depends on having those course numbers up-to-date. We've had several changes this year because we're revamping our science offerings. And, of course, I can't forget either the yoga class or the laundry. Anyone up for making this weekend longer rather than shorter? I'm going to miss that hour we lose to daylight savings time!

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Alto2 said...

Youbetcha! Anything that gives me more time to accomplish what I should have done a month ago would be a good thing. Don't you love the military precision with which we moms must coordinate the children's schedules? Three places at one time -- and you did it with finesse! Brava!