Friday, March 23, 2007

So, That Really Was A Break

I'd like to have some really good reason for not having posted for the last couple of days. The real reason is that I've been so relaxed, I've had absolutely nothing that I thought was worth writing about. Several times I thought, "hmmm....I should update the blog." I thought about some different stuff I could write about, and then I thought, "nah, that would take too much thought and energy, and I'm on Spring Break!"

We did travel home from our visit with my family yesterday. The car trip went smoothly, and we made good time. I even managed to avoid a breakdown over the children's right below the radar bickering until after we arrived and they thought it would be a good idea to ride their bikes rather than help unload the car. Uh, think again.

Once that chore was taken care of, we settled in to eat the freshly imported Double Dave's pizza rolls I had brought home with me for Adventure Guy. We are quite happy that a restaurant has opened in my hometown, even if we still can't get them here in Suburbia. Having been duly initiated into pizza roll eating during college, we've missed this particular delicacy after moving away from Texas. And speaking of college, we then proceeded out to the local sports bar to watch more of the basketball tournament, unfortunately succeeding in viewing our team lose. An experience we could not have at home because our local stations were carrying a different game.

Today I thought about doing some spring cleaning, but it hasn't progressed past changing the sheets on my bed. Instead, I went to Pilates class, the one that never fits into my schedule when I'm working; ran some errands; dropped off baby clothes I'd brought back from my sister to my friend who is due soon; and decided to agree to the kids' request to see The Last Mimzy. If you have kids who are at least 7 or so, go see this movie. I enjoyed it more than any recent kids' movie I've seen (and I've seen 'em all). It has a nice conservation message, and the plot moves fast enough to keep everyone engaged.

We finished the movie just in time for me to make it to my massage appointment. Oh, I failed to mention that our gym has an Aveda spa? My reward for going this morning was noticing the "spring break special" on massages and the notation that they had "appointments available today." Ahhh.......the massage left me so relaxed that my subsequent trip to Super Wal-mart for groceries didn't even phase me. It was a great way to end my week off!

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