Saturday, March 31, 2007

Just Another Sporty Day In Suburbia

As with most Saturdays today was sports central here in Suburbia. I actually began my day with some exercise of my own, making it to Pilates class. I really like what Pilates does for me when I'm able to go regularly. Unfortunately, my work schedule and kids' commitments tend to interfere with getting to class. This morning's class was a mat class, but I went to a demo class using the reformer machine on Friday. It was really cool. I'm considering coughing up the extra money to take weekly classes. It would definitely help in my efforts to be happy in a swimsuit this summer.

After I finished class, I picked up Swim Chick from her friend's house where she had spent the night and dropped her off at her Odyssey of the Mind work session. Gym Girl and I then headed for the soccer fields to watch Soccer Boy play his game. He and his team, coached by Adventure Guy are playing up a division this year and had still been dominating the other teams thus far in the season. Unfortunately, that ended today, and they lost by four goals. The other team's players were significantly bigger than our boys and had a great goalie with a good foot. Our team let themselves be intimidated, even though they had the better overall playing skills. It will be a good lesson as they move through the season. They were also getting a bit cocky since they won their indoor soccer division this winter and were rolling over the other teams so far this season. This should inspire them to work a bit harder.

We had just enough time after the soccer game and before we needed to leave to go out of town for Gym Girl's meet to get my car wedged out of the parking lot where another big SUV had blocked us in. Yes, I'm guilty of big SUV driving myself, but I'm not guilty of creating a parking spot where before there was none. Once Adventure Guy got the car out, Gym Girl and I ran by the house to pick up her things and do her hair and then hit the road for the state qualifying meet. I am proud to report that she did indeed qualify for the state meet and did it in style. She had a great showing on both bars and balance beam and good results on floor and vault. Her team also won the meet, so it was a good night--with the exception of one bizarre thing. As I was sitting in the bleachers calmly reading my magazine and waiting for the warm ups to be over, I heard a very loud series of belches from behind me. As the odor of whatever meal had caused this phenomenon wafted toward me, I couldn't help but turn to see what young boy was demonstrating his burping expertise. But there was no boy in sight. Then, it happened again. And again. I tried to ignore it and not look around a second time, but finally, after it happened yet again, I realized that it must be the elderly man behind me. Not once did he even say "Excuse me." I'm going to be nice and assume that this was some kind of health issue, but please, does he have no manners? And, his wife was sitting right there. I can't imagine not giving Adventure Guy a hard time if he ever did something like that. Again, I am just going to assume this was some medical issue he couldn't control!

Tomorrow should be a bit less hectic. I'm looking forward to relaxing a bit and also to refraining from sitting on any bleachers, at least until next Saturday!

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