Tuesday, February 27, 2007

It's Good To Have Friends

In my efforts to catch up on all the blog reading I missed while I was at the aforementioned crappy hotel in Vegas (no Internet access, free or otherwise, except in the business office for $1 per minute), I have been surfing the sites on my favorites list today and have found some inspiration.

From Sockgirl and Rambling Mom, I've picked up a thread on 5 Parenting Observations. My observations, number one being from my own personal experience today:
  1. If you are completely swamped at work and have no idea how you are going to get everything done, that will be the day one of your children will come down with some kind of illness. The illness du jour here in Suburbia is strep throat.
  2. You will actually be thankful when the doctor announces your child has something that can be cured with antibiotics rather than a virus that has to "run its course." You will also feel guilty about wanting to cheer when she makes this pronouncement.
  3. Having two or more children of the same sex does not guarantee that you will have any idea how to handle the subsequent child(ren). I thought, "Oh, I know how to handle girls" when Gym Girl was born. Surprise! She and Swim Chick are two totally different kids who need totally different parenting.
  4. Making a home-cooked meal will guarantee that at least one of your children will dislike at least part of said meal. Most likely, different children will dislike different things.
  5. When helping children select a musical instrument to play, weigh both the annoyance factor of listening to that particular instrument being played by a beginner and the cost of said instrument when making recommendations. Example, cello: less screechy than a violin and available for $50 annual rental from school! I thank one of my colleagues, a former band director, for this gem of wisdom.

As I clicked through links, this post caught Adventure Guy's eye. His comment, as we both sat side by side on the bed, working on our laptops, the perfect post-modern couple? I want that! So, that he shall have. I can always count on my favorite Jewish mother to satisfy our "need to feed" around here.

Speaking of the need to feed, is it fair that on the exact day I decided "something must be done" to get back on track to healthier eating and good exercise habits the Girl Scout cookies I ordered were waiting for me when I arrived home? I think not. So, once I get finished eating the Samoas, Tagalongs, and Thin Mints, I promise I'll be posting more about my toning and weight loss efforts!


Rambling Mom said...

We have a "rule of 3" when it comes to meals in my house. If 3 of the four people in this house like the food -- then the recipe is a keeper and will appear again. Person #4 can suffer or have a sandwich or reheated leftovers.

This is true unless the cook (that would be me) doesn't like something -- then somehow it doesn't reappear.

Alto2 said...

If you crush a few samoas on a container of sugar-free, low-fat yogurt, does that count as healthy eating? Sorry to hear there is illness in the suburbs. Hope everyone feels better soon. Guess I'll have to post my recipe for chicken soup.