Tuesday, January 2, 2007


It's official. My first ever two-blog day. Just an update on my earlier post. I am feeling accomplished after my less than enthusiastic start today.

Since then, I have managed to
  • go to the bank to make a deposit and transfer some funds between accounts
  • feed the kids lunch
  • receive call from Adventure Guy that sounds something like, "crackle, shhhhh, do you........natural bridge...crackle, shhhhhh. Dead air. Later hear he was driving by the Natural Bridge in Virginia and wanted to know if it was worth stopping. Had already determined it was not by the time we had good coverage.
  • drop Swim Chick off at Odyssey of the Mind practice
  • pick up the dogs from the kennel
  • check work email and make necessary related phone calls to boss
  • go to the grocery store
  • clean the carpet in Gym Girl's room (long story, dog-related)
  • go to Blockbuster to rent appropriate sleepover movies
  • drop off Gym Girl at practice
  • pick up Swim Chick from practice
  • clean upstairs bathrooms with assistance from Soccer Boy and Swim Chick
  • hear from Soccer Boy, "This is really gross." Answer, "Yes, learn to aim better."
  • pick up KFC for dinner
  • pick up Gym Girl and friend from practice
  • make small-talk with mom of Swim Chick's friend and dad of Soccer Boy's friend upon drop off for sleepover
  • watch Little Miss Sunshine with only two interruptions from various children now residing in my house

Note that remove Christmas decorations was not on this list. I am now debating about whether or not I will do that tomorrow on my last day off or on Saturday. I'm thinking I'll pretend like it's important for me to keep them up until Epiphany and put that one off until the weekend. Still on my "to do" list for tonight: finish Wild Fire.

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