Friday, January 5, 2007

Something Blue

Like it's predecessor, Something Borrowed, Something Blue tells the story of two friends who fall in love with the same man. Something Blue recaps the story line from Something Borrowed and picks up where that novel ended, only this time, it's the jilted fiancee, Darcy, who tells the story.
The publisher's synopsis is:

Darcy knows what is important in life: being the most beautiful. She has chosen to live life on the surface, picking a fiancĂ© who looks great next to her and a job in public relations that showcases her talents. Everything is perfect—just the way Darcy likes it. Until she finds herself pregnant, alone, and dumped by two men. Darcy can think of only one thing to do—run away to London, inviting herself to stay indefinitely in her childhood friend Ethan's apartment. There, she learns more about motherhood and herself than she ever thought possible—and discovers the true meaning of friendship and love. Something Blue is a charming and complex portrait of a woman discovering that sometimes even perfection is overrated and that a messy life can be more satisfying than she ever dreamed.

I wasn't sure I'd really like this book since Darcy is not the most appealing character in Something Borrowed. But, like with Griffin's first book, I found myself sucked in from the start, and I read this in no time at all. It's escapist chick lit, but, hey, don't we all need that at times?

The publisher's comment about Darcy discovering that a messy life can be more satisfying than the "perfect" one that many of us strive to achieve got me thinking about Sockgirl's post recently where she asked what if life fit together as neatly as the pieces in those prepackaged gingerbread house kits? I'll be the first to admit that I feel a lot of pressure to be perfect and to do things perfectly. I know that pressure comes mostly from myself, though I know in my heart, as all perfectionists must, that other people expect that of me too.

I've talked about these pressures before, particularly in my posts around Christmas. I think I'll add, "relax and enjoy life more" to my growing list of things to work on in 2007.

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