Thursday, January 18, 2007

Body Issues

Today seemed like a good day to discuss body issues since we are certainly dealing with them at our house today. Swim Chick had a rough night, making me thankful for the Lortab prescription. Ummm...hers, not mine! I was up with her at 1:30 and again at 7:30 this morning. Shows me I have definitely been away from the world of babies for a long time. I am beat this morning.

She looks better today, though, and is resting comfortably on the couch. We go in to see the orthopedist tomorrow at 8:15. I've got to get out today and pick up the x-rays. We went to the nearest emergency room, but they are in a different hospital system than our usual pediatrician. He and my mother-in-law, the nurse, both recommended a different orthopedic practice than the hospital did, hence the need for picking up the x-rays. It's worth it, though, to feel comfortable with the new doctor.

Over at Tales from the Testosterone Zone, there's a challenge going on to list 5 things that you like about your body. I think that it's quite a statement about the value our society puts on having the "perfect" body that everyone is finding it so hard to come up with that number of things they actually like. I know I could name five things I don't like without having to think at all. So, here goes...what I like about me:

  • I like my hair. It's naturally curly but not too curly. I can have it styled in a matter of minutes. I also won the genetic lottery and did not inherit my mother's premature gray, even though my hair is dark and I would have been the most likely candidate in our family to get it.
  • I like my eyebrows. They are heavy enough and dark enough not to need any eyebrow pencil for definition but they also are a good shape naturally and don't need to be plucked or waxed.
  • I like my eye color. My eyes are blue and people often comment about the contrast between my light eyes and dark hair.
  • I like my bones. I recently had a bone density test as part of a series of health screenings that were offered free to the administrators at our district, and I have higher than average bone density for my age. I am going to keep working to maintain this since osteoporosis is a concern in my family.
  • Wow, this 5th one is hard to come up with.....I have been sitting here wondering what I can write that would be true. I've considered admitting to liking my legs or butt which would be partially but not completely true. I think they are good features in comparison to certain other parts which cannot be mentioned in this positive post, but I'm not too happy with them right now due to my lack of working out lately. Then it occurred to me that I was focusing too much on what things looked like rather than what they could do. So, to close I will say that I definitely like the fact that my body was able to create, deliver, and feed three wonderful children and that it did so in relatively easy fashion with complication- free pregnancies and fast deliveries.

Again, I'm amazed at how hard that was. I'm going to try to stop focusing so much about what I don't like or what I think needs to improve and start focusing on the good things about my body. For instance, the fact that it takes me where I need to go and doesn't give me too much trouble overall. And, really, once this weather stuff is over I am going back to the gym!

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