Friday, December 15, 2006


I'm exhausted. This week was draining for me emotionally as well as incredibly busy. Everyone at my house is feeling the stress. Adventure Guy informed me yesterday morning that he thought I should henceforth refer to him as Sleepy Guy. Somehow, it doesn't have the same ring.

Swim Chick is showing the distinct symptoms of her lot in life: being the first-born child of two first-born children. On my side she's also the grandchild of two firstborns, so it should come as no surprise that she tends toward perfectionism. Tears flowed yesterday on more than one occasion, first as she was unhappy with how her 3-D physical map of our state was turning out (it looks great, just evidently not as she had envisioned it) and then as she tried to master Central and South American countries, capitals, and physical features for her map test today. She had most of it down and had been preparing for several days but just could not get the last few details. Since I've spoken about my chosen field of work, I should probably not admit to having given the following advice, "Look, put this in perspective. You have a 98.9% in this class. The test is worth 100 points and there are over 1000 points possible this semester. You can make a bad grade on this test and still pull a high A." My darling little 7th-grade perfectionist had never considered this possibility. I'm sure at some point I'll regret introducing her to the idea of devoting effort to her studies based on how much she needs to do to pull the grade.

Gym Girl was near tears last night because she had forgotten her agenda and thought she MIGHT have lost it. I pointed out to her that she didn't know if she'd lost it or not and that if she had she could buy another one. She reported to me today that she had indeed found it, so all is right with the world. That is until she had another wardrobe crisis, which seems to happen daily around our house. She has a huge amount of clothes to choose from and ends up wearing the same stuff over and over.

Soccer boy is happy. Oh, the joys of 2nd grade! His big focus was on his spelling test today and the holiday party next Tuesday. He was also thrilled about his upcoming hunting trip with Adventure Guy this weekend.

So, what's in store for my relaxing weekend?
  • Tonight: pick Swim Chick up from Odyssey of the Mind, take Gym Girl to buy birthday present, figure out what to do for dinner, collapse in my room to read or catch up on stuff I've taped on the DVR
  • Tomorrow: have donuts and Gym Girl to gym for meet by 7:00 a.m., drop Swim Chick off to take SAT, return to gym to watch meet, pick up Swim Chick, go to see The Nativity, drop Gym Girl at slumber party, host sleepover for Swim Chick's friend
  • Sunday: Go to church, do laundry, make appetizer, attend Christmas party

I was considering starting my holiday baking, but I know it will end up in the just-one-more-thing category, and I want to actually enjoy it. The kids and I always make iced sugar cookies, and I also want to make several other types of cookies. Not that I need to eat more junk. I need to get back on my workout schedule, but I think instead I'll be like Scarlet O'Hara and think about that tomorrow--if only I had that corset and the 17 inch waist!

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MLL said...

Hoping for some rest for you! I made some more cookies today and plan to finish tomorrow. It will be up to the kids to frost the ones that need it though.