Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Just The Usual

I'm suffering from mid-week blahs. Those two snow days last week have ruined me. I have lots to do at work and very little motivation to get it done. I will because deadlines are looming, but I want to go on record as being opposed to working today.

There's lots of little stuff going on at our house right now. Nothing too big, primarily arranging to have everyone where they're supposed to be when they're supposed to be there, but it all adds up, especially when you add in all of the extra events that come along with the end of the semester and Christmas. Adventure Guy talked his mother into taking Gym Girl to her meet on Friday, though, so I am very relieved not to have to try to shuffle everything around with our work schedules. At the same time I'm sorry to have to miss seeing her at the meet. Gym Girl seems excited, though, about Grandma being able to watch her, so I will try to fend off the mommy guilt on this one.

Last night, I made some holiday treats for an exchange I have tonight. Swim Chick and Gym Girl helped me make holly clusters, one of the recipes from my own childhood. It's essentially rice krispie treats, except made with corn flakes instead of rice krispies. Add some green food coloring and red hots, and you have little hollies. The kids love them.

Holly Clusters:
Combine 1 stick margarine, 30 large marshmallows, 1 tsp. vanilla and 1/2 oz. green food coloring in large pot. Bring to a boil, stirring so that marshmallows melt completely. Remove from heat and stir in 4 cups corn flakes. Be sure corn flakes are completely coated with marshmallow mixture. Drop by spoon onto wax paper. Top with red hots to create holly berries. Let dry overnight.

The letting dry overnight part is essential to avoid majorly green teeth. My mom does not particularly like to cook, but one thing she's great at making is candy. Though her fudge is probably her best overall, the holly clusters are her most-requested treat. My siblings, cousins, and now the grand kids can go through a ton of these things at Christmas. I bought the industrial size corn flakes box at the store yesterday and extra marshmallows, so I'm sure we'll make a couple more batches before we're through the season.

So, what's your favorite thing to make for the holidays?


Devra said...

Maybe someone can videotape your daughter's performance at the meet and she can give you the blow by blow later at home?

But I think it's terrific that you are absolving yourself of the Mommy Guilt as you are absolutely right that kids benefit from having a grandparent there to watch them!

Alto2 said...

Those holly clusters sound yummy! I think I've had something like them before. Don't worry about missing this gymnastics meet: as long as a Mom-equivalent is there, Gym Girl will be happy. *You* can have a glass of wine instead!

BunnyBubblette said...

I remember those days of spending all my free time driving my kids to gymnastics meets, soccer games, birthday parties. Those were the good old days. I sort of miss it, but I'm also sort of glad it's over, if that makes any sense.